4 Tips to Choose a Perfect Domain for Your Site

4 Tips to Choose a Perfect Domain for Your Site

It is a fact that selecting the domain name these days has become one of the difficult things. Now you may be asking why it is difficult to make this selection these days when available choices are more in number. For example, you can conduct an online search to find out your desired domains. It is true, as choices are countless but due to the higher availability, the level of confusion also increases. Now the question is how to select one among the available domain names, which is right for the site or business. There are certain tips with which you can easily make selection from all the available names. These handy tips are as follows:

Tip # 1: Focus on your keywords

Here you need to understand that the use of keywords in the name in always useful as far as we talk about optimizing the site. Hence, it is advisable to search for the domain names, which have your required keywords. Now the point to consider is how one can define the keywords for the site. It is very simple to define the keywords for your blog or site. For example, if you have a site for clothing then your keywords can be clothes, fashion, etc.

Tip # 2: Prefer the .com Extension

These days, you will find many sites with country code extensions like .uk, .us, .au, etc. These types of domains are usually country oriented. For example, for people, who are about to create a site of any country’s museums, this extension can be used in the URL. However, it is advisable to use the .com extension. You must be wondering why. It is just because people find it easy to remember, which is why you will notice more traffic on the .com extension instead of any other site having a country code in its domain.

Tip # 3: Avoid Typos

Always keep in mind that typos create a bad impression in the minds of visitors. Moreover, they will make it difficult for the visitor to memorize your site’s URL. Thus, the best thing to do is to avoid any kind of typos in your domain to make it easy for your visitors to memorize it.

Tip # 4: Prefer Easy Domains

It is vital to understand that accessing sites with difficult spellings is always difficult for the visitor. Do you know what the easiest way to promote your site is? It is word of mouth. Let us clear that with an example. Mr. A told Mr. B about some fashion site and recommended him to visit it. Mr. B considered the recommendation but unfortunately, the name was so difficult that he could not find the site. Thus, the online fashion business lost one of its potential buyers just because of its difficult domain name or Domæne as it is called by the Danes.

Apart from all this, these days, you will also notice people buying old and expired domains because of their various benefits. These benefits are related to site optimization, page ranking, etc. Thus, if you can afford it then you can buy any of the old and expired domains for your site as well to enjoy all these benefits.

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