Cost Reduction Strategies for your Small Business

Cost Reduction Strategies for your Small Business


It’s an exciting time when a budding entrepreneur finally gets their small business off the ground and running. As with most things in life, it takes money to make money, but this doesn’t mean that spending shouldn’t be carefully monitored. A business owner who is able to keep their costs in check will realize much more profit at the end of the day, and luckily, there are tried and true methods of making this happen.

Reduce Inventory

A reduction of inventory is a great way to reduce spending at a company. This, of course, doesn’t mean that vital products and supplies shouldn’t be purchased. What it does mean, however, is that a business owner can focus mainly on their best sellers. Sure, once a business has some measure of success, an individual can consider selling less popular products, but until that point, it’s simply safer to stick with time tested and customer approved products.


While telecommuting isn’t possible for every job in every industry, it is possible for many. Much of the work done in the modern day is over the phone and computer anyway, so why is it necessary for a small business owner to pay for office space and additional phone lines at their business when the majority of necessary tasks can be completed at home? This goes for the owner and employees alike.

Lowering Web-hosting Costs

Web-hosting services are a vital part of running a business. Without a hosting company, a business will be without one of the main marketing tools of this century: a website. Researching and switching to more cost efficient plans can save a company a great deal of money. Even using web-hosting coupons like those at can reduce a business’s overhead costs.

Consider using Laptops

While laptops may seem like an unnecessary expense, they can actually save plenty of money. Laptops use around 90 percent less power than a typical desktop system. In addition, the purchase of these computers can be written off as business expenses when itemizing tax deductions at the end of the year. It’s literally a win-win.

Use Customers for Advertising

Advertising is a big part of running a company, and luckily, it’s possible to use customers for this purpose. Giving away free products with the company’s logo, for instance, will basically turn clients into walking billboards. In addition, building a strong social media following is important because friends of a company’s clients can see whenever they interact with the company’s social media pages.

Consider Open Source Software

Sadly, many business owners fall victim to the idea that only big-name software companies can provide a great product and service, but this simply isn’t true. Regardless of the software needed at a company, there’s likely a free open source program that can fulfill the need. Heck, this article is being written on an open source program known as OpenOffice, so using only open source software is definitely a possibility.

Running a business can be an exciting journey, but in the end, it’s really about maximizing profit. After all, if making money weren’t a factor, most people would have hobbies instead of small businesses. The most successful businesspeople know how to make money while saving money, and with just a few proactive steps, every small business owner can accomplish this.


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