E-mail Marketing Best Practices for the New Year

E-mail Marketing Best Practices for the New Year

Email marketing may not get the same amount of attention as newer forms of marketing like social media but it is still a great way to generate leads for your business. It is one of the least expensive ways to market your business and most of it can now be automated so it will save you some time, too.

There are 7 email marketing best practices that you should follow in order to get the most from your efforts.

1. Increase Open Rates With Incentives
Most people’s inboxes are stuffed on a daily basis and you need to set yourself apart from the rest of the marketers. You can do this placing an incentive in the subject line of your email. Good incentives can increase open rates by as much as 50%. Make sure you are offering an incentive that your customers want. It could be anything from free shipping to 25% off purchases made today only.

2. Keep The Look Clean
Do not clutter up your email with too many typefaces or pictures. Most of your customers and prospects will be viewing your message on a smartphone or a tablet so make it easy to read. Write short paragraphs and break up the text with numbered lists or subheadings.

3. Make The Call To Action Stand Out
Your call to action should be above the fold or it may not ever get noticed. If it falls below the fold nearly 70% of recipients will never see it. This is one area where you want to use a different font and color. Make it stand out.

4. Write Compelling Subject Lines
Treat the subject line of your email like a headline in a newspaper of magazine. The headline is the first thing a reader sees and that determines with she will go on to read the entire article. Ask a question: “Are You Making These 3 Marketing Mistakes?” or “Would You Like To Double Your Sales In 30 Days?” Grab you reader’s attention and make him want to open your email.

5. Integrate Your Emails With Your Landing Page
Your emails should match your landing page in terms of design, content and headlines. When your prospect clicks on the link in your email he should be taken to a landing page that picks up right where the email left off.

6. Set Up An Auto Responder
Automating your email marketing efforts will make your life a lot easier. Once a prospect has opted in you should be sending out emails on a regular basis depending on your buying cycle. There are a number of email marketing clients out there that will send out automated campaigns for you. A simple Internet search will provide you with some names to choose from.

7. Mix Up Your Messages
You don’t want to continually bombard your customers with endless sales pitches. Nothing will make them hit the unsubscribe button faster. Instead you want to mix in some information or news that your customers may find valuable. By providing information, with no sales pitch, you will become a trusted voice in your industry and you will also get more of your emails opened.

There are a number of new and convenient marketing tools available today but you should always make sure to get your sales message across clearly to customers and prospects alike. Email marketing may not be sexy like social media but it gets the job done.

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