Getting Help with your REACH Registration and Beyond

Getting Help with your REACH Registration and Beyond

The REACH regulation is something that every single chemical manufacturer, importer, downstream user or anybody involved in putting chemicals on the EU marketplace should be highly aware of. REACH stands for the Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals, and this is a European Union regulation that came into effect on the 1st of June 2007, and before this there were a number of different Directives and Regulations in place of it.


The goals of this regulation are to protect the environment as well as human health from the use of chemicals, to allow the free movement of these chemicals on the EU market, to make manufacturers and importers understand the risks that are involved, amongst a few other goals. The REACH registration process is one that is not particularly straightforward and quite tricky, and this is for reasons such as having to prepare a complex dossier which can cause a lot of stress and anxiety, but you should know that there is help available to you for your REACH registration and then compliance after that as well.


Seeking Help from Experts in Toxicology

This help comes in the form of consultancy services that can offer support for everything to do with chemical hazard and risk assessment, and it is highly recommended that you seek services from a consultancy to alleviate the stress that REACH registration can bring. These companies, Bibra – Toxicology Advice & Consulting being an example of one, specialise in assisting all chemical manufacturers, importers and downstream users to successfully complete their REACH regulation, and then also with their regulatory responsibilities afterwards as well as this. This will include expert overview and co-ordination, an integrated testing strategy, hazard data analysis and risk assessment and much more.


Why You Need to Complete Your REACH Registration

The biggest part of REACH is the registration of substances with a European Chemicals Agency (ECHA), and failure to do this and you will no longer be able to manufacturer and supply them, so you can see the importance of getting this process right. Do not panic though, as with the right consultancy service helping you it will be simple and stress free, and you can continue to distribute these chemicals freely on the market, and they can easily guide you through the complicated stages of registration and beyond into complying with REACH regulations.

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