How Company Away Days can Strengthen your Workforce

How Company Away Days can Strengthen your Workforce

Sometimes, all that’s needed to invigorate employees is a day spent away from the office. Just as business community platforms like Cornerstone allow employees to communicate via social profiles, company away days often allow employees to reinvent themselves and improve their confidence as individuals as well as with each other. However you decide to spend the day as a company – whether it involves a series of strategic puzzles or wall-to-wall paintballing – your staff are certain to come back twice as energised and eager to push through on Monday morning!

Shaking up the usual work routine is vital to productivity in business and company away days are the most efficient way of recharging employee batteries. They can involve a wide range of activities from a series of indoor team-building tasks to a day spent learning a new skill such as kayaking or rock-climbing. Experiencing the latter with your workforce is an especially effective use of leisure time. Learning a new skill together will inspire confidence in all involved and this can transfer well into office goals and projects when management and negotiation skills will come in handy.

As kayaking may not be everyone’s cup of tea, it might be conducive to decide these ideas beforehand as a team in the form of a poll to ensure the majority are pleased and excited with the idea. Start as you mean to go on and encourage team spirit before the actual day!

Depending on the scale of your business, team away days present an opportunity for many different departments that may not cross paths or work well together to tear down some barriers. As well as initiating new friendships among employees through trust exercises and similar activities, away days can help solidify external and internal business relationships as a whole – increasing the likelihood of future trips as your company grows.


To round off your company trip, try prolonging the euphoric effects by offering prizes at the end of the day as part of a raffle or quick-fire quiz. Have the winner announced at the end of the next working week or month to instil anticipation in your workforce and keep them on their toes for the chance to make an impact at the next company event.


With the right planning, company trips can boost morale and guarantee employers a more streamlined and productive workforce. Ensure your company stays on top, both in the office and outdoors, with Cornerstone – the talent management professionals making recruitment efficient and effective. Cornerstone’s innovative Learning Cloud system combines online training with social networking to make sure employees stay connected with the latest team activities and company agenda anytime and anywhere.

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