How you display your products within your business can impact on your sales

How you display your products within your business can impact on your sales

There are many ways that you could choose to put things out for customers and potential buyers to look at them.  You could use stands or pop up displays or something else. Which of these methods you pick is up to you and could depend on the things that you are trying to sell.

If you don’t have any display equipment then there are lots of places where you can go to order some that will suit your needs. It is not only those who work in the retail industry that may want to purchase them, but salons or dentists may also have things that they want to sell that they think may need some kind of stands.

Thinking about how you want to lay out your products for people to view at their leisure can give you the opportunity to get creative and so your design flare. However, if this is not where your personal strengths are, then you can look online for lots of unique ideas that will stand out.

However, when it comes to designing an online store then there could be other things for you to think about. With a physical shop, you would think about where to place your products, but things would be different.

Here are a couple of tips for designing an online shop.

Take good pictures

The photos that you take of your stock could be the only time that people will see what they are getting before the buy, so if it isn’t good quality then this could well put people off buying it.

Does the site match your brand?

If you have a physical shop too then you might want to design your website around that so that they complement each other and help you to create a brand. Think about the colour scheme that you choose and the target market that you want to attract to your store and website. Different ones have different connotations and meanings so do some research into which ones fit your business values.


With a website it is easier for you to promote your shop outside of the area where your store might be. Think about how you are going to do this, such as, do you want to add share buttons to each of your product pages so that customers and share their purchases on social networking sites.


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