Media Analysis And Social Media Monitoring In Chicago

Media Analysis And Social Media Monitoring In Chicago

Social Media Monitoring is the number one way to use media analysis in Chicago and for that matter any city in the US and around the world. This is because the information that is pertinent about your target-client base or your competitors is right there ready to be harvested. The old-school ways are still pertinent and are still used such as news clipping and video clipping etc. but social media remains at the crux of the way you figure it all out.

Who uses media analysis services in the social networking media in Chicago?

These days there is almost no one who doesn’t use social media as a source of media analysis for a product or service.  Before this, it was being used for spying on employees and gauging the attitudes and lifestyles of possible new employees. It was a judgment game of sorts and a rather clandestine thing when it was happening. However, it is now used to monitor what your competition I doing with the product or service you deal with out there. It is also used by the same person to figure out what the temperature is about the product and service and what opinions the general public has about that product or service.

So what are the tools to use for this?

There are many tools used for media analysis services in Chicago and these social media methods are listed here in part. You can find most of these free of charge so they needn’t be added to the bottom line cost of your business yet they will assist you in making mare revenue and saving money as you go along.

Media analysis and monitoring suites

You need at least one media monitoring suite. This is a dashboard that you can use so that you or your team can use to gather information on your brand and competitors in one place. After you collect information you will then run the media analysis report.

Influence Scoring

This is another must have score that you should compile on a regular basis with your media analysis services tool. These tell you who your product or service has influenced and who has influenced you. This is imperative to your bottom line and should be taken seriously because this is the metric you will use to determine where you should target your advertising money so they are not wasted. In other words, why waste your advertising budget on things you are not influencing it’s like throwing money in the wind.

Contact Scoring

The last but not least of the media analysis Chicago reports you should be compiling are who is reading your tweets and who is viewing the company profiles and basically checking you out. This, in addition to the top two reports will in turn give you a tighter more lucrative way to target ads and communications.


In conclusion, all of the Media Analysis Service Chicago you use will be the dominating force as to whether or not you make it.

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