Small Business, Big Brand: Why Building a Brand Is Easier than You’d Think

Small Business, Big Brand: Why Building a Brand Is Easier than You’d Think

What do Superdry, Nike, Apple and Levi have in common? Well other than all being successful businesses, they all have incredibly strong brands. You can almost guarantee that if you go into any high school across the country, these brands will be almost ubiquitous. Although your start up business may not quite be as successful as these straight away, there’s no reason you can’t build a successful brand and, doing so may be easier than you’d think. Here’s how:

Keep it Short and Simple

Short and simple is always best when it comes to branding. Short, snappy names that involve alliteration are good because they are memorable. But, as well as being memorable, always make sure that they are hard to misspell or mispronounce. If your clientele are struggling to spell and pronounce your name they will be unable to find your website and you’ll struggle to build brand identity.

Choose a Name that Reflects the Business

You have three choices to make when you’re choosing a name. You can either choose a name that is descriptive, evocative or comical.

There is no simple answer to which of these choices is best and, in truth, it is completely dependent on your business type. If you’re running a solicitors firm then a descriptive name is probably best, whereas if you’re running a gift shop then something more comical may suit.

Your Business, Your Choices

If you’re unsure or uncertain of your ideas then it may be best to consult others but, as a general rule, you should be confident in your own decisions. After all, this is your business and you should run it your way. If you try and decide important business decisions (such as branding) by committee then you may end up getting a watered down decision that nobody wants. The best brands are bold, so go for it.

Be Consistent With Brand Application

Once you’ve established your brand, name and logo, make it all inclusive; incorporating it everywhere. Your brand will build and become synonymous with the business if you include it everywhere. So, as well as doing the basic things such as signage and staff uniform, think of other little touches where you could include your logo such as business letterheads and bespoke envelopes.

To conclude, building a brand is easier than you could think. So, even though your business may not be like Apple or Nike, the sooner you start, the sooner you can work your way up the ladder.

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