Three Reasons to Invest in Fans

Three Reasons to Invest in Fans

One instrument that was a staple of houses that were built in the 1970s was the fans placed in the ceilings, with or without lights. As it progressed to the 1980s and beyond, ceiling fans grew out of fashion as people opted to just go with central air conditioning for their houses. The only problem is running air conditioning alone in a house can get very expensive, especially if the house has high ceilings in one or more rooms. There are three reasons why you should invest in ceiling fans again and not only save money, but have a house that looks great and stays cool.

Keep Rooms Cool

The first reason to invest in a ceiling fan is to keep the various rooms in a house cooler. The fans work to circulate the air, which keeps it at an even temperature. The more even the temperature is, the better it will feel to the people in that room. The air movement alone can be enough to make a person feel cooler, not necessarily what temperature the air is. Fans are especially good to have in a bedroom or a room that is widely used through much of the day. Fans placed at the top of vaulted ceilings also help to keep the warm air from pooling since heat rises. It will send the air down to circulate through the household where it can be cooled with less effort as it keeps circulating and doesn’t have the chance to get very hot.

Reduce Energy Bills

The most popular reason why people are investing in ceiling fans again is because they reduce energy bills for the house. The air is circulated and remains cooler overall, therefore keeping the thermostat from kicking the cooling unit on. The less the unit runs, the less electricity is running through the house. On hot summer days, that could make a couple of dollars difference. Add those dollars up for several days and weeks for the summer months, and you suddenly have a big difference and made it worth your while to install the fans. Fans can also make people feel cooler simply because it pushes the air, making it feel like a breeze in the face, just as if one was sitting at the beach or out in the cool breeze.

Look Stylish

Gone are the models of fans that are gold plated centers with the dark brown fake wood paddles. The paddles of the fan can be made from wood or metal and come in different colors and textures to match a room theme or design. The colors aren’t limited to white or brown but can be matched to any paint in the room you are placing the fan in. The paddles can come in shapes like palm leaves or even sports items, such as a baseball bat, hockey stick or other device that looks cool. Fans can have three, four and even five paddles that work to move the air and keep it circulated in the room.

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