Top Tips to Selecting Promotional Items for Your Business

Top Tips to Selecting Promotional Items for Your Business

When you’re organising a promotional event, it’s not enough to have as many people within your target demographic attend the event; you have to make sure they’ll remember it for a long time after the event, too. Giving away a free promotional item is an excellent way to ensure that the event – and your company and brand – sticks in the memory of your customers for a long time to come.


However, you can’t just pick any odd thing and be satisfied in the knowledge that you’ve given away something for free; you have to select your gift wisely, and that’s not always as easy as it seems. There are many considerations to make. Here are the top tips to selecting promotional items for your business.


Your target demographic

Who will be the recipients of those wonderful gifts? Are you targeting your employees? Your customers? Potentially new customers? CEOs of companies you would like to deal with? The better you understand the person who will receive the gift, the more informed your choice will be when you buy these gifts and promotional merchandise, and the higher your chances of success will be.


The theme of your event

It would be silly to give away lighters with your logo if your event tries to shed light on the dangers of smoking. It would be great to give away USBs if your event has something to do with the latest software or the new innovative ways you can do business online. Try to match your gift to the theme of the event, if possible.


Make it useful

The more your recipient will use it, the more he or she will appreciate it – and hence appreciate your company and your brand. Furthermore, the more the item is used, the more exposure your logo will get.


Your budget

Your budget is important, so do some serious calculations and research on what is available with your budget first before committing.


Checking the trend

Gift items tend to come and go in trends – you may want to check what’s popular now (there are plenty of sources online) or you may want to be original and think outside of the box.


You have to be careful with your selection of the item in two more ways. First, you have to make sure it properly represents your company and your brand, so make sure it is made of quality; customers do recognise cheap and tacky items when they see it. Secondly, be careful with your logo; you don’t always have to have a bold and brazen logo printed on it – often an item in your colours with a small logo looks more sophisticated. Choose with care. It’s about pleasing your customers and reaping the rewards in the long term.


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